VanillaRP Gameplay Tutorial

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VanillaRP Gameplay Tutorial

Post by Kokipoki on 2017-04-06, 11:51 pm

VanillaRP Gameplay Tutorial
To start off :

 -Find a Job by going to NPC'S around the map and click the "Use" Button / press E

 -Roleplay as your character to gain money and buy essential stuff.

-Rent a property from the NPC in the bank.

Listen to admins :

Alway's listen to the admins on the server, Some might ban you when they get pissed off and some might DDOS. But don't worry. We are not that kind of people

Opening the MOTD:

Type !motd in the chat to open the menu. You'll find everything that's useful in there, like the community forums, group, rules and donation page.

Getting money :

Getting money is one of the most important things in DarkRP.
 -Money Printing ( Which is illegal by law ) is a way of gaining money by buying a printer and filling it with Paint and Paper. Note: Cheap printers can't take coolers.

 -Cooking meth ( Which is illegal by law ). You can start off by buying the ressources from a drug dealer. Then, as a gangster, buy a stove and start cooking!

Pushing Players :

Press E on a player to push them. Pushing anybody can lead into discipline, and if you exagerate, into an arrest.

Purchasing a property :

In the bank, an NPC will be waiting for you. Click E on him and you can see the previews of the properties that are available to purchase.
Do not buy properties you won't be using.

Over powering/ Surrendering :

This is an addon that can make players your hostage!
Press "G" to tell them to shout, there's a 1/2 chance that they surrender. You need to be a police officer and have a threatening weapon out. While they are surrendering, you can tie them down and take their weapons! Don't forget to release them.

AirDrop Mission :

In the Industrial area of the map, there's an NPC that offers an airdrop mission. You need to be a gangster/mobboss and the server has to have atleast 3 civil protection, ( Mayor counts as one ). You'll have to wait 60 seconds before the helicopter drops shipments of weapons. Anyone in the industrial area is KOS while the mission is activated.

Sitting anywhere :

You can click ALT+E on a ledge or a chair/bench to sit down. You can also sit down on other players.

Holstering your weapon/Changing firemodes:

When you have a weapon out, you can click E+R to change the firemodes or holster your weapon.

Experience and levels :

Click F6 to open the level menu. As of now, the only way of gaining experience is by playing on the server.

Lockpicking :

As a gangster or mobboss, you can buy lockpicks from the entities tab in the F4 menu. Your lockpicks are not in your weapons tab, but are in your character. Crouch infront of a locked door and try to turn the lock slowly. Don't force it or the lockpick may break.

Breaking out of prison :

If you're arrested and have lockpicks with you, you're in luck. Lockpick the jail doors and when you're out, lockpick the evidence box to break free out of jail. Breaking out of jail is illegal and will make you wanted.

"SWATS" and the police armory :

This server does not have a "SWAT" job... Instead, when a lockdown is in process, civil protection can get weapons from the police armory.

Police Computer :

Civil Protection and Mayor spawn with a computer, use it to make people wanted or make warrants easier. Don't forget to specift a reason before making someone wanted.

Robbing the bank :

Gangsters can rob the bank that is just in front of the spawn.
There are some requirements though:
-There has to be a banker.
-There has to be at least 4 police officers.
-You need to be a gangster/mob boss.
-The cooldown has to end.

Get some weapons and a gang, then click E on the safe. Stay near the safe or else the robbery will fail.

Delivery Missions :

You can start a delivery mission by either stealing the bank's server, brewing some beer or by creating radioactive substances.
You can find those all over the map.
You then have to drop-off the loot at a specific point. Look for a yellow hummer near the church.

Selling guns professionally :

First of all, as a gun dealer, you can easily make shops without needing "too much" protection.
You can start by making shelves, on which you'll place your guns. To put a gun up for sale,
hold the weapon in your hand, type /sell in the chat and fill in the blanks. You can then place your
gun on a shelf. Nobody can pickup your gun with their gravity gun, except for you.
Press alt+e to buy/pickup the gun.

Calling the police :

You can type "/911 ISSUE @ PLACE" in the chat to alert the police of a crime.
Your report can't be longer than 30 characters. Try to make them short.
Police may or may not respond to your call, and if they do, they'll automatically send you a PM.
As a cop, click f3 to enable your mouse and respond to the call.

Reporting a player :

Write !report in the chat to report a player. Do not use this too often please.
Admins can write !reporta to check out the reports.

Admin sit bubble :

Admins can type in the chat "/adminsit" to create a bubble that freezes players inside the bubble.
This can be very helpful when players won't listen to you.

If you have any further questions, any admin online can help you!

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