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VanillaRP Rules / Laws

Post by Kokipoki on 2017-04-06, 11:50 pm

When you close this MOTD, it means you have accepted to follow all of the rules mentioned in this page.

General Server Rules

1.) Do NOT expect any admin to take action without valid proof.
2.) Do NOT disrespect/harass/threaten anyone.
3.) Do NOT micspam/spam the chat.
4.) Do NOT be a smartass or a troll.
- If you join the server to be funny or make a youtube video, please leave.
5.) English only.
6.) Do NOT apply other server rules to this server.
7.) Do NOT argue with an admin or a player.
8.) Do NOT advertise other servers.
9.) Do NOT impersonate an admin or any player.
10.) Do NOT hack/exploit.
- Exploiting: Having an advantage over anyone when you're not supposed to. Breaking a mechanic to your advantage.
11.) Do NOT spray anything inappropriate.
- Admins decide if it's appropriate or not.
12.) Do NOT disconnect when you're being punished.
- Example: Disconnecting to evade an arrest.
13.) Do NOT encourage rule breaking
14.) DO NOT Metagame.
- Metagaming is when you get information you're not supposed to know using the "OOC" chat.
- Hearing a printer through a wall isn't metagaming.
15.) Do NOT cuss excessively. Once in a while is fine.
- If you go calling cops f*cking n*ggers, expect to get stunned or arrested.

General VanillaRP Rules

1.) You CANNOT abuse your job.
- Example: Self supplying. Becoming a gun dealer to buy your friends weapons.
2.) You CANNOT put signs on other peoples property unless you co-own the door.
3.) You CANNOT shoot at someone randomly.
5.) You CANNOT buy a property if you're not going to use it.
6.) You CANNOT bait other players into breaking the rules.
- If you're in the server, please roleplay.
- I do not want anyone standing around baiting other people in to breaking the rules.
- Example: punching someone's car and waiting for him to kill you, then reporting him for RDM. This is baiting.
7.) You MUST play by New Life Rule (NLR).
- You have to wait 2 minutes before returning to your death position.
2.) You MUST roleplay.

Assault, Shooting, and Killing Related Rules

1.) You CANNOT Random Death Match (RDM).
2.) You CANNOT stunstick people randomly.
3.) You CANNOT excessively punch whore anyone.
4.) You CANNOT kill anyone outside of your property for loitering (standing around).
- An exception is if it's a realistic roleplay reason : Police vs. Gangsters at an airdrop mission.

5.) You CAN kill someone for trespassing.
6.) You CAN shoot to injure someone.
- You MUST have a realistic roleplay reason that is fair to the victim.
7.) You CAN kill anyone that steals anything you own.
- Stealing includes: "using" an entity, pocketing, gravity gunning, it being in your base, etc.
8.) You CAN kill anyone that stunsticks you.
9.) The Police CAN kill anybody who assists in the airdrop mission.

Prop Related Rules

1.) You CANNOT have props in someone else's property.
2.) You CANNOT build in public or have useless props lying around.
3.) You CANNOT prop kill/surf/minge.
4.) You CANNOT have invisible props.
- Exception: transparency is allowed only if it looks like glass.

Door/Property Related Rules

1.) You CANNOT have more than two keypads for the same door.
2.) You CANNOT use your keyboard to open fading doors.
- All fading doors must be opened by a keypad or a button.
3.) You CANNOT prop block any entrances.
- This applies to doors/garages. Windows don't count.
4.) You CANNOT have more than one fading door in a radius of 2 meters.
5.) You CANNOT build nearly impossible bases to get into.
6.) You CANNOT build a base that advantages you unfairly.
- Example: Having a crouch-hitbox.
- Example: A one way shooting window.

7.) You MUST have keypads for all fading doors.
- You MUST have at least 3 seconds on the keypad autoclose length.
8.) ALL doors MUST have fading doors and keypads if prop blocked.

Raiding Related Rules

1.) Only gangsters can "raid".
- To raid somebody, you can break into their house, steal their stuff, WITHOUT killing them.
- If they shoot back, you can kill them.
- If they take a gun out, you can kill them.


2.) When an Air-Drop Mission is called, everyone in the vicinity of the air drop is KOS by the gangsters.
- The gangsters are ALLOWED to kill anyone who messes with their dropped loot.
3.) You CANNOT mug or kidnap on this server.

Job Specific Rules

Police Officers

1.) You CAN shoot to kill anyone that pulls a gun AND shoots at you or a fellow officer.
2.) You CANNOT keypad crack/battering ram without a valid warrant as law enforcement.
3.) You CANNOT KOS/warrant/want someone unless you have proof of illegal activity or someone admitted to it.
4.) You MUST lock the Police Department doors at all times. INCLUDING THE FRONT DOOR (Since it contains the Evidence box).

Gun Dealer/Doctor

1.) You MUST have a shop.
2.) You MUST have realistic and reasonable prices for every item you sell/every service you offer.


1.) You CANNOT abuse your stunstick by stunning players for no reason.
2.) You CANNOT randomly weapon check people.
3.) You MUST only have a gun "HOLSTERED" in your private property.
4.) Guards are NOT police officers.
- They CAN be arrested for possessing illegal weapons.
- They CAN be arrested for having a weapon in public.
- They CAN be arrested for printing money.
5.) You MUST have realistic and reasonable prices for your services.
6.) You CANNOT use the sirens on the police surburban. You can only use the lights.


1.) You CANNOT commit/accept hits without a valid reason.
- It is the hitman's responsibility to make sure the hit is accompanied by a VALID reason.

Secret Service

1.) You are NOT a police officer.
- You cannot assist in anything related to raids/bank robberies/airdrops.
2.) You are OBLIGATED to protect the mayor at all times.
- This is just a repetition of the rules "do your job".
3.) Do not exaggerate with your job.
- You can only kill someone if he "hurts" the mayor or pushes him.
- You still need proof.


1.) You MUST only store stuff in the bank.
2.) You CANNOT scam people by taking the money off their printers.
- Be honest, this isn't something illegal, this is rule breaking.
3.) You MUST resist against raids.
- Hire guards, if you're seen giving up, you WILL be banned.
4.) You CAN offer a service of replenishing the printers with paint and paper. You are NOT obligated though.
5.) You MUST have realistic and reasonable prices for your services.
VanillaRP Laws


1.) Trespassing. (Past any PD door/Past any private property).
2.) Murdering/Attacking/Assaulting.
3.) Printing money. (UNLESS IT'S STORED BY A BANKER).
4.) Raiding/Lockpicking/Keypad cracking/Breaking out of prison.
5.) Airdrop missions.
6.) Cooking meth.
7.) Owning anything bigger than a pistol if you don't have a license.

Use your common sense when judging if something is illegal or not.

This post was based of this guy's rules.

I rewrote almost everything now.
Sorry if this caused any trouble to his community.

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