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Post by Kokipoki on 2017-04-06, 11:44 pm

VanillaRP Forum Rules

Notice: Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to change/edit/delete any content at any time they feel it is inappropriate. This includes removing a user from the forums by either deletion of account or being banned.

General Forum Rules:

Please do not do the following in any section:
• Flame, insult, harass, threaten, or troll other forum members. Zero-tolerance for trolling.
• Post other peoples personal information.
• Bump old threads (1 month or older) unless permission is granted from Kokipoki.
• Derail a threads subject/topic in any section.
• Post potentially dangerous external links.
• Post spam (ex. +1, 10char, etc.) or repost closed, modified, deleted, or already posted content.
• Openly argue with a member. Please solve your matters via private message.
• Double post. (Posting twice or more in a row. Use the edit feature.) (Forum admins are exempt from this for update/change notifications.)
• Speak in languages other than English. This is an English only speaking forum.
• Keep your signature size reasonable. This means signatures should not expand pages or alter the look of a normal appearance forum in anyway. If your signature takes up more than half a page on a monitor then it's too big.
• Please make sure your thread is relevant to the forum section that you are posting in. This includes subject and post content to the title of your thread.
• Please search the forum before making a thread to see if your post has already been posted.
• Making false donations is not allowed at all.

The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links or any references:
• Porn, gross stuff, or anything else similar that is not safe for work. If it is partial nudity you must label in the subject "NSFW". (Not Safe For Work).
• Piracy, warez, or leaked content.
• Cheats, hacks, or game exploits.
• Posting copyrighted material.
• Soliciting, auctioning, selling, or referrals.
• Racism, discrimination. (slang counts too)
• Advertising/Mentioning other gaming servers (IPs), gaming websites, and/or gaming communities. VanillaRP services only.

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