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Admin Guidelines / Expectations

Post by Kokipoki on 2017-04-06, 11:41 pm

Note: All admins should agree that they accept and respect all guidelines listed in this thread at all times and under no circumstance will you break rules at all for any reason ever.

The following page is an admin guideline page that you are required to obey at all times as an admin whether you purchased admin or got it in any other way.

Type /adminsit in the chat to create a bubble that freezes players inside.
Type !manager in the chat to open the DarkRP logs.

Some rules you are required to follow:

1.) Never abuse your admin privileges. You shouldn't ever have an advantage over any other player by using your admin privileges. Admin should only be used as a management tool.

2.) Don't threaten players with bans.

3.) Don't brag about your rank.

4.) Follow the guide here, do not decide your own ban times. I will.

5.) Never break servers rules, set an example as an admin.

6.) When banning someone, be sure to corectly write the reason why they were banned. (Mass RDM, Intentional RDA, Attempting to crash the server.)
- IF for whatever reason you can't type correctly, you can always come to this guide and copy paste the reasons.
- I REALLY do not want to see badly written stuff such as this ( rdm 2 mush pls stop ).

7.) Always check the forums as they hold valuable information, such as your warnings, etc. Be active.

8.) Do not take inappropriate tones with players, be respectful. Telling players to shut up or shut the f*ck up, etc. Is inappropriate.

A list of things that can be considered "disrespectful":
- N*gga, b*tch, any offensive or insulting word.
(You can joke a bit with it, but if you say it to someone you don't know, you're giving a REALLY bad example.)
- Implying I give a f*ck.
- Why don't you go play somewhere else.
- I'm an admin, you're not, get good.
- F*ck off.
- I'm going to ban you. (Yes, don't threaten them with a ban for everything they do. Just ban them instead if they continue.)

General Rules:

- This includes almost every rule out there.

  1. Warn + Explanation
  2. Kick
  3. Ban 1 day (1440)
  4. Ban 7 days (10080)

Spamming chat/Mic/Disrespect/Harassment:

  1. Warn
  2. Mute/Gag
  3. Kick
  4. Ban 1 day (1440)
  5. Ban 7 days (10080)

Extreme Threats/Hacking:

- An example is them saying "DDOS Step 1". Or if it's OBVIOUS the person has some sort of hack.

  1. Permanent Ban

Trolling/Smartass coments:

- Any arguing or anything said to make someone mad.

  1. Warn
  2. Ban 1 day (1440)
  3. Permanent Ban

Random DeathMatching:

- If the person RDMed but didn't know it was RDM.

  1. Warn + Slay + Explanation
  2. Kick
  3. Ban 1 day (1440)
  4. Ban 7 days (10080)

Intentionally Random DeathMatching:

- This has to be obious, example: them spraying with a machine gun down the street.

  1. Warn + Ban 7 days (10080)
  2. Permanent Ban

Breaking NLR:

- Explain to them the rules.

  1. Warn + Slay + Explanation
  2. Kick 
  3. Ban 1 day (1440)
  4. Ban 7 days (10080)

Randomly Arresting:

- If the person RDAed but didn't know it was RDA.

  1. Warn + Slay + Unarrest victim + Explanation
  2. Kick + Unarrest victim
  3. Ban 1 day (1440) + Unarrest victim
  4. Ban 7 days (10080) + Unarrest victim

Intentionally Randomly Arresting:

- Only if it's obvious, example: arresting 5 people.

  1. Warn + Ban 7 days (10080)
  2. Permanent Ban

Spamming props/Prop blocking/Prop Killing/Prop Surfing/Prop Trapping/Inappropriate Structures:

- This includes almost everything that has to do with props. Unless it's something massive, follow these steps.

  1. Warn + Delete props + Explanation
  2. Kick + Delete props
  3. Ban 1 day (1440) + Delete props
  4. Ban 7 days (10080) + Delete props

Attempting to crash the server:

- This has to be obvious, if he's spamming hydraulics or anything, kick him and make sure what he was doing is actually harmful.

  1. Warn + Kick + Delete props/Delete whatever
  2. Permanent ban + Delete props/Delete whatever

Door/Base related rules:

- This is the little stuff, like having an unfair base.
- They may not really understand from the same time, be sure to give them a second warning.

  1. Warn + Explanation
  2. Another Warn + Explanation
  3. Kick
  4. Ban 1 day (1440)
  5. Ban 7 day (10080)

Job Specific rules:

- Usually new players will break these rules, so make sure to clearly explain what they need to do.
- Give them a second chance, a second warning.

  1. Warn + Explanation
  2. Another Warning + Explanation
  3. Kick
  4. Ban 1 day (1440)
  5. Ban 7 days (10080)

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