Misfix's (planetjaboogi) Admin Application

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Misfix's (planetjaboogi) Admin Application

Post by Misfix on 2015-02-26, 11:28 pm

-Your SteamID : planetjaboogi
-In-Game name : Misifix
-Why you want to be an admin. : I want the ability to help moderator the server while making sure it gives the most pleasurable role-play experience possible.
-Why should I choose you instead of anybody else? I can be very active on servers (Even if empty) so you won't have to worry about me not being online.
-Which skills you have that might help you in the server : I'm very friendly and tend to make friends very quickly. This could come in handy with cooperating with people on the server who need help or having trouble with an obstacle.
-Are you interested in purchasing or earning admin? Sadly, I am broke. I have no money to donate but if i get a chance, yes i would donate for admin Very Happy

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS APPLICATION AND HEARING ME OUT alien Surprised Laughing cheers cheers sunny

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Re: Misfix's (planetjaboogi) Admin Application

Post by Kokipoki on 2015-03-05, 3:38 pm

You will be going through a trial, you are now a Moderator.
If I see you can handle being an admin, I'll approve you as an administrator.
If you get accepted as an administrator, you still have to donate 5$, or help me in anyway possible with the server.

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